Black Swan Parlour Guitar

Taking inspiration from early American instruments, the Black Swan Parlour has been designed from the ground up to offer something different. Whilst the short scale-length and small body size will feel familiar to parlour guitar fans, its open and dynamic voice might take you by surprise. This is mostly thanks to its specially adapted fan-bracing which—although unusual for a steel-string guitar—provides a rich and complex tone with better bass response and overall projection.

Whilst I am happy to build this model from a range of tonewoods, I tend to favour home grown species such as English Walnut and Bog Oak. Photos and detailed specs of two recently completed examples are included below—one is English Walnut and the other African Mahogany.

English Walnut Parlour

Detailed Spec


Mahogany Parlour

Detailed Spec


Black Swan OM

Coming Soon!

Classical Guitar

Drawing heavily on early Torres instruments (FE19 in particular), this fan-strutted model is very light in construction and aims to recreate the sweet, lyrical sound of a traditional Spanish instrument. The body air resonance is therefore typically low and the guitar very responsive to the player’s touch.

I tend to build this model to commission only and am happy to do so from a range of tonewoods including home grown species.

Detailed Spec